INHERITANCE by Jennifer Bene – Release Blitz

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From USA Today Bestselling Author
Jennifer Bene
Inheritance cover
Series: Fragile Ties Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, Mafia Romance
Publication Date: March 26, 2019
Falling for the girl he kidnapped shouldn’t have happened.
Falling for the girl he kidnapped shouldn’t have happened. Especially not Lianna Mercier, daughter of the man he hated, and heir to a family name steeped in blood and violence.
But now she’s his entire world, and Lianna’s is burning down around her.
David may have lit the match that set her life on fire, but all he wants now is to keep her safe. With their future on the line… can he even ask her to choose him after all he’s done?

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About Jennifer Bene

Jennifer Bene

Jennifer Bene is a USA Today bestselling author of dangerously sexy and deviously dark romance. From BDSM, to Suspense, Dark Romance, and Thrillersóshe writes it all. Always delivering a twisty, spine-tingling journey with the promise of a happily-ever-after.
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  Title: Deviant Attraction A Dark and Dirty Collection Author: Jennifer Bene Genre: Dark Romance
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    Amazon Also available via Kindle Unlimited     Phee knows that girls like

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CORRADO – Cover Reveal

CORRADO banner


by Bethany-Kris
Guzzi Duet Legacy, #1
Publication Date: July 8, 2019
Genres: Adult, Romantic Suspense, Organized Crime. Erotic Romance


Cover Reveal Credits: Lee Ching @Under Cover Designs

CORRADO front & back cover


The son of a prominent Cosa Nostra Don, Corrado Guzzi’s life should have been all mapped out. He would be what every other Guzzi man was, too—made, mafia. It’s their way. But when given another choice, the chance to be something more, he takes it. Even if it comes with strings.

It’s there that he might find where he belongs, and Alessio Sorrento. The man who could change his whole life.

This love thing? It should have been easy, but they made it hard. Nothing about a relationship like theirs is simple. Dictated by rules, weighed down with things left unsaid, and already hanging by a frayed thread.

This is what love looks like before, and after.
Before she came along.
And after she was there.

It takes one woman to change everything.

Ginevra Calabrese wasn’t ready for this—for them.

So, what happens now?


NOTE: Corrado (book one) and Alessio (book two) are a duet within The Guzzi Legacy series, and should be read in order. All other titles in the series are standalone. This is NOT a love triangle.


CORRADO teaser 1


CORRADO by Bethany-Kris

Alessio knew that from the outside looking in, he and Corrado didn’t make sense to other people. They didn’t have a label. Far too many overlooked them, and assumed they weren’t a thing together. Not that they ever gave people a reason to know the truth, either.

You know, beyond living together.

For nearly five years …

Still, people didn’t know.

They could only assume.

He partly blamed himself, and Corrado, too. Not that he ever said that to anyone, or his lover. A long time ago, they’d decided this was what they were going to be. Together, but only to each other. A thing, but it wasn’t open to public consumption.

Alessio was willing to do that.

It gave him what he wanted.


Somehow, they found a familiar rhythm like this. He didn’t push for something else, or for more, because what else was there to have when … in a lot of ways, he had it all.

Or did he?

People wouldn’t understand.

They shared everything.

A life.


A home.



There was nothing in their lives that wasn’t somehow touched by both of them. So much so, that those closest to Corrado and Alessio thought the two of them were often extensions of the other. Without one, the other wasn’t right.

Nothing was right.

“What are you thinking about, huh?” Corrado asked, his voice thick with sleep and bliss. Probably still humming from that orgasm, and if all went well, Alessio would be the next one. “You’re quiet over there.”

“You like that, anyway.”


Alessio grinned.

Corrado smirked right back.

Reaching over, he drifted his fingertips down the line of Corrado’s jaw still shadowed with a few days’ worth of scruff. “You do like it when I’m quiet. Admit it.”

It was true.

Corrado thrived on attention.

Alessio just liked to watch.

“And when you’re a shit,” Corrado added.

He laughed. “Yeah, that, too.”

“And don’t deflect. What were you thinking?”

Alessio sighed, his gaze going back to the large, glimmering light fixture above the bed. Only Corrado would know something was going on in Alessio’s mind when he was quiet. No one else saw him in his silent moments and thought, something’s happening there. They were all too willing to let him stew, even if they didn’t know that’s what he was doing.

Not Corrado, though.

He often wondered, how, at eighteen—although now, just a month or so shy of his twenty-third birthday—had he found his person. He knew some people went their whole lives without ever finding that person that was meant to be only theirs.

He found his early.

Corrado was still there, too.


And he loved him.

Loved him fucking stupid.

Loved him enough to still be here even when shit held Corrado back, and forced them into his strange place where they were something, but they weren’t at the same time. Where they shared women in bed, and had a whole life together behind closed doors, but out in the world … they weren’t anything. Where they dictated this thing between them with rules that had followed them from damn near the beginning, but neither of them said three little words to cement it.

I love you.

But that was too deep.

Corrado didn’t do deep.

So, Alessio lied.

CORRADO teaser 2

CORRADO teaser 3


Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to four young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.

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Series: Aspen Lake Series Book 3 Genre: Romantic Suspense Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Publication
Cara & Gian: The Complete Guzzi Duet by Bethany-Kris Publication Date: June 3, 2019 Genres:
DIRTY POOL by Bethany-Kris Publication Date: May 6, 2019 Genres: Adult, Romantic Suspense, Organized Crime.
A New MC Romance by Amazon Bestselling Author Tory Richards Series: Desert Rebels MC Series

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GSR Blitz – Sons of the Sphinx


I’m a retired high school English teacher. A devourer of books
growing up, my profession introduced me to writings and authors from times long
Through my studies and teaching, I fell in love with the Ancient and
Medieval Worlds. 
Now, I hope to inspire young readers and those Young-at-Heart
to read more through my Tales and Legends for Reluctant Readers set in these
 If they fail…


She could die over 3300 years from home!




Tackle the elements & evil of Ancient Egypt…
A history-changing battle & Time Travel Thriller…
Fifteen-year-old Rosa doesn’t see dead people…
She hears them & talks to them.

When she agrees to help King Tut’s ghost find his lost queen & clear his
family’s name, she doesn’t count on falling for him.

She & Tut must also outwit an evil pharaoh determined to stop them…
Even if it means one of them must die.

Get it today and see who triumphs.

2015 IAN Book of the Year Finalist YA
2015 CAL Book Award Finalist YA Fiction
2014 Literary Classics Seal of Approval

2015 Readers’ Favorite Finalist YA
2014 Literary Classics Silver Medal for PreTeen/Tween
A shout from behind makes me turn. Tut is running
after me, but it is not his voice that ignites the terror in my heart. It is mine screaming
to hold on to life.
“No. No. NO!”
The force of the explosion flings me through the air like a rag doll. By the time I pick my head up a dense cloud of dust engulfs
me. Too late I cover my face.
I’m choking,
can’t breathe, can’t see! I’m dying!
Arms encircle
my chest pulling
me backwards. My legs scrape
painfully across the debris- covered granite floor.
Another pair of arms lifts my legs.
Floating. That’s what it’s like. Dying is like floating
on air.
My body touches solid
ground. Voices, whispers
really, penetrate my clogged brain.
I hope this is heaven.


Without warning,
I start coughing and gagging. My brain screams
at me. “Fight! Breathe!”


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CORRADO by Bethany-Kris Guzzi Duet Legacy, #1 Publication Date: July 8, 2019 Genres: Adult, Romantic
Fantasy Date Published: June 20, 2019 Publisher: Elite Online Publishing    Bennet lives a charmed
Romance with a splash of humor Dirty Laundry #1 Date Published: 5/25/19 1 gossip writer

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Dominion Cove – Blitz

Dominion Cove banner

 photo dominion _cove_Front_zpsxaptrabs.jpg

June 20, 2019
Elite Online Publishing
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
lives a charmed life. He’s attending Princeton, has a loving girlfriend, and a
supportive mother. He has the world at his fingertips, but something is
missing. On a quest to discover his true self, and where he really fits in, he
finds himself in the idyllic town of Haven Brooke visiting his cousin James.
Yes, Haven Brooke is the perfect place for Bennet to relax and plan his future,
but not all is as it seems. The town is concealing a dark secret, and when
Bennet stumbles upon it he is transported to Dominion Cove, a land where
darkness is waiting to strike. Bennet learns that he may be the only one who
can stop the darkness and return balance to Dominion. But will he venture into
Dominion to find the darkness? Will he rise up as the chosen one, or will he
leave it all behind to return to the comforts of his former life?
the Author

 photo 91V1nRIN6ML._US230__zpsuueqdd59.jpg

R. Hubbard gained her love for reading and writing at an early age. She craved
creative writing while in school, and appreciated all the teachers that
encouraged her to explore the art of constructing short stories, including her
parents, who were educators. In her early college years the idea for her first
book fluttered into her mind, but she pursued a career in Elementary Education
graduated from Weber State University at the age of 22 with a degree in
Elementary Education and jumped into the classroom. Years later she earned a
Master’s Degree of Curriculum and Instruction from Western Governors
University. While she is no longer actively teaching, the years she spent
molding the minds of young children and instilling a love for reading within
them helped her to know that it was time to focus on being a mother and an
currently lives with her husband and three amazing children in Ogden, Utah. She
enjoys playing pickleball, eating cheesecake, and playing the piano when she
isn’t in the car running children around to their various activities.


RABT Book Tours & PR
Cas lives in the lovely county of Hampshire, southern UK, where she was born. On
Karda: Adalta Vol. I Fantasy, Sci-fi Publisher: Green Canoe, LLC On the beautiful world Adalta,
  Fantasy Date Published: March 31, 2019 A crystal ball assures existence, but when separated
Science Fiction / Steampunk / Fantasy / Fiction Date Published: 7 May 2019 Aubrey Hartman


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Tabloid – Blitz

Tabloid banner

 photo Tabloid2_zpszb6cnzvd.jpg

with a splash of humor
Laundry #1
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
gossip writer + 1 A-list movie star = 1 fake relationship…or does it?
breaking a story that rocks Hollywood, Talia is the top gossip writer around.
One night will put all of that into question. The writer becomes the story when
she gets caught doing the walk of shame from A-lister Zee Jaxon’s home.
save both of their reputations he suggests a fake relationship. Pretending
should be easy. It shouldn’t mean the fake feelings become real. Accepting the
real feelings means the lies they’ve told are even harder to hide.
the truth comes out can their love survive or will everything just fade to
forgot to tell you something.”  Zeke said
as they walked hand and hand to baggage claim.
don’t hate me.”  He kissed their linked
did you do?”
Zeke and Talia turned the corner to pick up their bags Talia saw a giant poster
being held by a tall muscular guy wearing a too tight t-shirt and dirty
jeans.  Scrawled on the poster were the
words she was going to have etched on her brother’s grave.
asked Rex to pick us up?”
bit his lip trying not to laugh at the poster.
When Rex saw the poster had gotten their attention, and many others
around them, he flipped it over.
seeing my mistake now.”  Zeke said.
bet you are.”
strode over to Zeke and Talia.  He
dropped the poster and opened his arms wide.
Talia walked up to give him a hug, but landed a swift punch to his nuts.  Air whooshed out of his lungs.  Rex collapsed on the ground.  Fellow passengers walked around him.  The granny from the plane caught my eye and
gave me a thumbs up.
Rex.”  Talia stood with her hands on her
hips watching her brother struggle.
ahead.  Then I’m going to show her the
poster you made.”
“Fine.”  Rex managed to get off the ground.
for picking us up, ass wipe.”  Zeke said.
problem.  How could I strand my best
friend and sister at the airport?
Especially when they are now seeing each other.”  Rex looked at them skeptically.
car did you bring?”  Talia changed the
subject before questions could be asked.
“What?  Why didn’t you bring mama’s SUV?”
would I?  My pick-up is fine.”
a bench seat. “
smirked at her.  “Yep.  We will be getting real close for the next
“Hour?  It takes close to an hour and a half to get
to Grandin.  How fast do you plan on
going?”  Talia stopped and looked to her
didn’t tell her?”  Rex asked.
didn’t have a chance.  We had a bit of an
issue on the plane.”
mind that tell me what is going on.”
Talia stared at Zeke.
are going to go to my farm. It’s a half hour outside of Grandin.”
glared at both of the men in front of her.
Turning on her heel she grabbed her bag and marched off toward the short
term parking.   She easily found his beat
up truck.  Slinging her bag into the bed
she stood next to the passenger door.
a hurry to get to your love nest, Tally?”
Rex asked.
ground her jaw as she stared at her skeptical twin.  When Zeke’s arm wound around her waist,
pulled her close and kissed her temple Rex groaned and wrenched the door open.
the Author:
is a single mom of a rambunctious boy and his dog, Cady.  She is an avid reader with a blog under the
name of The Book Maven.  Reading has been
a passion of hers from the time she could pick up a Sweet Valley High
book.  Writing is a new adventure where
she gets to curse, be clumsy and fall in love with every page.

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RABT Book Tours & PR
    Marry Me Daddy by Allysa Hart and Rayanna Jamison - OUT NOW!  
Sci-Fi Date Published: June 11, 2019 Da Vinci’s secret pales. Michelangelo concealed an explosive truth
  Literature, Fiction   Theodore Roosevelt Crenshaw, "Best Heart-Throb" of his high school class, now


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